Link to Zwift Profile

Not doing much cycling but thought I would look to see how my power and category might be changing as I do nothing - research purposes only, obviously !!

Not sure if it is just me but my ZwiftPower link appears to take me to my CA Home page rather than profile. Odd as link seems to be pointing to

Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else with this minor issue?

Link wording
“You can check your Category (Pace Group) and Peak Power information in your Zwift Profile page .”

I do know how to find through so not a major problem.

Opens the ZCA for me too.

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On Zwiftpower web (on desktop) this takes me to my feed page that shows my category information.

James - thanks. I don’t normally use desktop but just checked. Yes goes to correct link on desktop. Didn’t work on ipad but have just updated Companion App and whether co-incidence or not profile link on ipad now works.