Missing Stats ZP

Hi -

Looking for advice to solve this. I am not seeing stats (w/kg avg by min, avg HR) when doing group workouts/rides on zwiftpower. Data from these look fine/complete on the companion app. The races I’ve done upload completely however.

I am using: fenix6s for HR, tacx neo 2T for trainer/power and iPad for app.

Any thoughts?

Are your activities in Zwift set to private?

My privacy in zwift is set to followers. Would this influence it?

I believe Zwiftpower gets only all data if the activity is public. Test it - set an activity to public and try to update in Zwiftpower (somewhere is a button for it).

Riding outdoors since 5 month, cannot login @ Zwiftpower, that’s why I am not sure if it works - perhaps you’ll get more exact answer.


Thank you, Milan! This appears to be the solution!