Link to fit file download showing DNS NS record error

Hi, I have just started using TrainingRoad. I wanted to transfer my rides to that for better analysis. I used the .fit file creation tool and got informed that I had an email. When following the link int he email I get…

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in zwiftpower-app-basic-microservice.

I have tried twice and same result each time… Any chance that this could be looked at please or tell me what I am doing wrong!?
Kris Spin

Trying the link under Activities tab results in :

AccessDenied Access Denied 2KY2DW8GKYK0YYJE 51JIfY3hkkjapbhuvV8/EAi+y+6t8HtU9ZPzIi5TMx9bMyNuaN2GXJWRACMsMlVpnUi0QfPucmM=

Ha ha ha the text box has tried to render the HTML from the error page!
Email me if you want it sent across!