Levels for Nearby Zwifters

Hi Zwift,

Can you please include the level next to each Zwifters on the main screen?

I want to know if I’m riding with a Level 49 maestro or a beginner like myself.

Thank you!

Why would that make a difference? Just a question on why this would be needed

BTW, some people like to keep that info private.

You can look up peoples levels using the ZCA.


There’s often clues: what they’re wearing (jersey, shoes, helmet, maybe even socks), what bike they ride. I think it’s fun that it’s not explicit.

I like it that’s true.

If we could toggle it on and off and see who’s approaching or has gone past, maybe that could be in the settings.

Additional gamification feature so we can try to keep up with the pros and the Tron bikes.