Level unlocks - color options?

Minor, minor, avatar vanity request :sunglasses:…for the level unlocks and other primes it would be super cool if there were color options for some items, especially helmets, sunglasses, gloves, shoes etc to better match our favorite kits. For example, I was psyched to see that at level 45 I unlocked the Giro Synthe helmet, but then bummed to find out that it’s the red/white one. Neutral black, white or better yet color slider like the bikes have would be awesome!

Committing to a single non-neutral colorway, will likely mean lower “product placement” with riders not wearing sponsor/partner company’s items because they clash with their kits.

Great job guys, thanks for listening! :grinning:

I would add, I wish they had continued the Level Kits similar to levels 15, 20 and 25.