Level 61 and beyond

Hi Team Zee

I’m sure the new level 61 - 100 are very close to their completion and subsequent delivery date. Please keep us informed during these exciting times as I wouldn’t want to fall asleep and miss the NEWS.

Fire socks were a great feature for those obtaining level 50 success… what other things should be awarded across the newer levels?

You know how long we waited for level 25-50 and 50-60…i’d say you might have anothers year or two wait :rofl:


Wonder how many Socks we’ll get ?

TBF, if they are Fire Sox variants I could be bought off…
whomst among us hasn’tt wanted to leave a line of cute puppies/ cats, ice blue, rainbows or other random stuff “flames” :slight_smile:


Lol 61-100.

Think 61-70 at best and give it a couple more years.

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  • how about give 1 million drops when you level up but have it a consistent distance once past level 60 that’s required… say 1000km instead of the current 1500km

  • I’m liking the Fire socks in different colours… the sock colour and the flame colour blue/green/red flames (it’s a game right) I do like the idea of random things as well…LOL

  • How about a little icon in the rider list that lets everyone know what your level is? That would encourage others to level up as well.