Level 51+ Same jersey all levels Beyond 51 just number on sleeves

I’ve been a level 50 for over a year. It sure would be nice to be recognized for level achievements again. I (probably others) don’t care about getting yet another jersey (or socks, hats, gloves, etc.) I’ll never wear but if needing artwork for each level is one of the issues holding advanced levels up, just produce a modest Beyond-51 jersey with the level numbers on either shoulder… even levels in the 10’s would be better than none. Nothing more in the drop shop worth buying at this point. Levels might be the only thing left. Seems like you forgot about the folks who have been here the longest.

They don’t even have to make a jersey just keep the counter going.


I’ll reach level 50 in the next few days, for the second time. I’ve done the challenges, made up a few: “pass a couple guys named ‘Eric’ in total distance (ignore fact both have similar distance in much fewer days on Zwift); reach 1,000,000 XP; etc.

Don’t care for more jerseys or socks I won’t wear, I already have the best kits in Zwift. I just want to see the orange bar move again.

More levels doesn’t seem like much of an ask, does it?


Based on how many years it has taken to finally implement saving without exiting the game and removing the HUD, they may get to this in 2027.

I am not a video gamer, meaning I do not have a point of reference for this. What is typical for “levels” in a video game? It has taken me 6 years to accumulate 908,785 XP, as of this morning. I have been a level 50 since October 12, 2019. What would be the highest XP that could possibly be expected for someone to earn, to reach the top level of a game? Given that 61 days, 4 hours and 21 minutes earned 908,785 XP

It took me 9 months to reach L50, been stuck there for over a year now.
For some gaining new levels is one of motivation amongst other reasons.
I don’t care about unlocks, got a garage full of useless ones already.
Seeing how Zwift is becoming an ad platform more than anything else, I guess they are trying to monetize the next batch of levels…

Maybe Zwift is thinking about resuming the possibility of reaching new levels? My counter has stopped at 50 for a few months now, and that’s a bit uninspiring!

Yepp, shouldn’t be too hard to add another 49 levels to keep the motivation strong :slight_smile:

They could make exclusive bike colours as a reward for levels beyond 50 :thinking: