Level 4 sunglasses missing


On my 6-year-old daughter’s profile, she seems to be missing the sunglasses that she got for getting to level 4 yesterday. They are available to me on my profile so it seems to be something either specific to here account, or the fact that she is running it on an iPad.

Any ideas how she can get them back?

Try logging out of all devices that have used zwift. Restart zwift. If it’s not there then email support and carry on until you hear back.

When you go to the activity in the feed do you see an achievement unlock and a level up icon?

Hello Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to write on the forums!

As Ben suggested, it’s possible simply logging out and back in again can remedy the situation. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s possible to have multiple logins, especially on iPad or iPhone.

If you log into Zwift on one device or account and then press the home button to close the app without first selecting the “save and exit” option in Zwift, your account will still be logged in and remain so until that “save and exit” option has been checked. This essentially creates a session within a session, so to speak.

It may not be the issue here, though it’s handy to know.

If after checking these two things are not happening, you can send me a DM with your daughter’s account info or you can write us at support@zwift.com and we’ll be happy to see what we can do to get your daughter those shades!

Ride On!

Hi Flint

Did a restart on the app today and the glasses came back. Noticed as well when looking at my daughters activities that all the rewards/achievements were duplicated about 6 times for that one ride. Seems to have sorted itself now though.