No Level 10 Gear or Drops?

I was super excited to reach Level 10 because I thought I’d get some new gear and the extra 100,000 drops. However, when I cleared Level 10, I got no new gear in my garage and no increase in drops. According to ZwiftInsider, I should have gotten the Zwift Glasses #2 (Oakleys) at Level 10, but when I checked my garage, I won’t receive new glasses until Level 47. Something seems weird. Has anyone else had that issue?

The normal reason for this appears to be due to being logged in to two devices simultaneously (e.g. phone and PC).

In that case, wouldn’t you expect to have lost level 10 as well?

You’d have thought so but who knows what variability exists :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback! That’s incredibly disappointing. @Colin_Cadden Do you find that’s if Zwift is running on two devices or just loaded on two? I was only using Apple TV for Zwift and my tablet had Zwift Companion open. The Zwift app is loaded on my phone and tablet, but neither were open at the time.

Just to be sure, you did try scrolling up to see the remaining options there, right?

Yes, I did, @Anna_Ronkainen :cry: No luck.

Post deleted

Thanks, all. I was more concerned about missing out on my extra 100,000 drops than I was about the Level 10 gear. I guess it was just a glitch and I’m out of luck. Hopefully, it won’t keep happening on new levels :weary:

Sometimes you have to log out, back in again and start a new ride before items become available. Worth a try …

I don’t remember levelling up coming with a drops bonus, though! :thinking:

I don’t recall seeing this either but maybe it happened!

I’m currently level 29-and-a-bit. With over 3,000,000 drops already in credit I doubt I’ll notice another 100,000.

Yowzer. I guess I never noticed. :man_shrugging:t2::joy::man_shrugging:t2:

I just levelled up and immediately spent nearly 3 million on ONE set of wheels and ONE frame …

… and I’ve still got nearly 3 million left. :grin:

If you want me, you’ll most likely find me either with a pacer bot or on the Alpe. :joy: