BT Dropouts & Level 100

Hi there. I’ve had bother with random dropouts on some rides recently, although it’s tended to be longer rides. Funny it happened just after I hit level 100 last night & the progress bar resets but only leaves a bit on level 100 for looping around apparently. May just have been a coincidence for that one. But, the problem is, no matter what I try including switching from BT to ANT+, it won’t restart without me closing down Zwift & re-opening it. I’m mostly using a Saris H3 trainer, but the sensors still see the trainer, they just won’t reconnect properly.

In the subject of level 100, I was disappointed to learn that when you reach it, it will keep looping around converting your XP to drops. The last thing anyone reaching level 100 needs are more drops. It was much better when we just accumulated more XP ready for the next onslaught of levels.

I could be wrong, but i don’t think it converts XP to drops, it just loops round and you get the drops bonus each time you loop around the level in much the same way it did as you progressed through the levels

It always did give you the drops for your ride as normal on level 60. I read an article that said rather than it just stop at level 100 as per level 60 of old, it would loop back & the XP you gain for each loop back would be converted to a specific number of drops. When you gather so many drops over the levels, I just can’t see a purpose for them any longer as there’s nothing much left to buy with them of any use. It just clutters your garage more & more till anything useful gets hard to find.

I don’t think that is how it works.

Each time you level up you get awarded 50,000 Drops so each time you cycle around level 100 you will also be awarded this but it won’t reduce your XP to do so.

OK, thanks. I should have read the Zwift Insider article as the one I read didn’t make that clear. As it stands though, the drops are still a waste of time

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probably but it was either continue to add them or not and easy enough to ignore so not the biggest drama in the world.

Do you know anything about the sporadic random BT dropouts I’m experiencing where I have to close everything down & restart Zwift to get the sensors connected & working again?

A few suggestions:

  1. The official support document

  1. Some knowledgeable 3rd party tips
  1. Contact Zwift support

Thanks. I’ll have a look at this, but it had been fine for a long time and only started doing this fairly recently, which seems odd

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