Level 25

Please tell us that Santa’s Elves over in Zwift land have been thinking up new and interesting options for people to level up beyond twenty.  I dig my pink L20 kit but I’m jonesing for the next carrot on a stick.  :)

Humblebrag detected %L! :smiley:

I always thought it was carrot and stick.  Either way, adding goodies beyond the current level cap seems like a good idea.  Always nice to have that next incentive to work towards!

Jeez guys. 20 was rather recent!


is there official list what is unlock on each level?

Because of speaking about carrot and stick. I was so much hopping to get a disc wheel and I was pushing to the 14 level. But I passed 14 and I didn’t get a disc wheel (I didn’t get anything).

According to the unofficial list:


Level 12 – No toys
Level 13 – Aero Bike
Level 14 – Disc Wheel

and yes on reaching 12 level I didn’t get any gear (it was sad but I was prepared for this). On level 13 I’ve got aero bike - thanks for that. But on the level 14 disc wheel and any other gear doesn’t appear.


Thanks for the clarification what can be expected on the path to the level 20.