Level 16 - can't progress

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #1

Hi, it seems i have according to the progress bar at least completed level 16.

The thing is it like it’s sitting on 99% complete forever. I must have to unlock some unspecified task to progress onto level 17.

how do i discovwer what i need to do. (please don’t say complete a 100 km ride).



(Kyle Polansky) #2

I believe level 16 is the highest level you can achieve right now. There should be more levels released in future updates.

(Allan Watkins) #3

The 100km ride event only opens up after you complete the ride through mordor!

But yeah, what Kyle said. When they push a big code update they usually up the max level a few.

(Mark Williams) #4

I’m curious about the intent of the levels. I’ve been working through them for a while (up to about 11 I think) but going to the next level seems like a bit of a non-event. Unless I missed it, I don’t even recall anything onscreen drawing my attention to it.

I read somewhere that I get some extra options for bike or wheels or something. Is that it? Personally, I don’t really see much interest in that, though it may appeal to others.

A related question is when do the levels get reached? Looking at how the bar progresses, I originally thought 100 miles = getting to the next level. But I am at level 11 and have only done about 700 miles. Are the points at play here? If so, how do I get points - is this documented anywhere?

I’m wondering if there could be some other way to expose the level. As far as I am aware, I can’t even see the levels of others. That might be fun to see.

Anyway, just trying to understand if there are any other benefits / changes as one climbs up the levels? I’m not actually that worried/interested in the levels (I just like racing - and generally losing - to folks as we ride :)) but I’d be curious to learn more.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

15 is the current max.

Levels are really in their infancy, so you’ll have to bear with us. They aren’t a very high priority work item currently. Right now a new level simply unlocks some new bike part or jersey, but in the future they may allow you to unlock new sections of the island or unlock entirely new maps. At some point TT bikes will be unlocked as well.

Levels are earned by points. Points are earned by riding miles(or km), winning jerseys, and unlocking achievements.

I suspect some people won’t care much about any of this currently, but once we add some juicier rewards I think for some it’ll be that little bit of extra incentive to put in the trainer time.

(Jesse Springsteen) #6

Mark, you get 30 points for every mile ridden (at each mile a +30 will appear on the right side of the progress bar) and 10 points each time your power-up lands on the small +, I think I read somewhere that the big + is 250 points. Each level is 1000 points. If you stop and pause you can see how many points you currently have, and see how close you are to the next level.