Let me get this right (Zwift on a Elite Realpower)

Hi guys

Just did my first ride roday and really loved the idea!

However, I’m curious as to how other riders in my situation, make use of the Zwift island. I’m using an Elite Realpower (which is hopefully gonna be fully supported soon…), and since power equals speed no matter what, I’m wondering if everyone who isn’t using a supported hometrainer (which, I figure, in-/decreases resistance along the way), just maxes their watts from start to finish, without being to concerned with intervals on hills etc.?

I figure that just locking in on your preferred wattage all the way through the lap, must end up being a bit boring, so please hit me with ideas/suggestions - also if I’m basically just looking at it the wrong way… :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing all of you out there!

  • Nikolaj

I have Elite Real Tour with ANT+ connector and my Elite Roller doesn’t work too.


I hope they solve the problem

I use Zwift on a set of ‘dumb’ rollers and it’s pretty much like you said: just maxing watts, I can’t really develop enough power on them to contest the mountain/sprint jerseys but I’ve had the orange jerseys a few times at least.

There’s nothing stopping you from still doing intervals on there although the ‘zwift effect’ does interfere with structured sessions. Hopefully the developers will be adding a ‘training mode’ soon where you can do things like intervals on the island in peace. Personally I can’t wait for this feature because I want to do structured sessions but still on zwift so that the time/mileage still contributes to Strava totals.