My favorite Zwift moment to date

(Mark Williams) #1

I’ve been on Zwift for over a year now. Last night was my most enjoyable moment.

Big thanks to the chap who came tearing up to me as we approached one of the lines, studiously drafted me for a few hundred meters and then powered away from me triumphantly, leaving me in his dust, with 100 meters to go.

While using a power up.

All while I was at 120 watts in the cooldown of my workout :slight_smile:

I nearly fell of my bike laughing (not that I was going to go any faster).


PS: Do people actually use powerups? :slight_smile:

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hah. Sounds like what happens on real world rides :slight_smile:

Re: powerups. Some people use them - almost a million powerups have been used in fact.


(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

Yeah, I can’t wait for when Zwift has junctions so I can leave people behind and then turn off just before I blow up. :wink:

(John Scott) #4

The real question is why the heck do you care? Ride your bike an move on. :slight_smile:

(Mark Williams) #5

Someone’s a bit serious, John. I was kidding :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, a couple of thoughts on the interaction of workouts with Zwift overall.

  1. It would be good to have an option to hide other riders (and, presumably, be invisible to others too) when in workout mode. Obviously a personal preference but seems like it would be interesting to some (I’d use it) and, presumably, have some potential to lower the load on Zwift (don’t need updates on other riders constantly sent to me).

  2. This is a bigger request, but I’d really like to see “dynamic terrain”, based on workout profile. For example, the experience just seems broken when doing 120 watts up a steep hill or 500 watts going down. If the profile is known in advance, as it is, it would be cool to have the course created to pretty much match that profile. For example, high wattage can be up a hill or on the straight, but not down a steep hill and so on. I’m sure there’s more to this technically but I do find going 3mph up a hill a bit weird :slight_smile:

  3. Everyone treats workouts and the competitive angle differently but the single, biggest feature request I would have right now is the ability to ride against one of my previous rides. I have that concept on my 12 year old Concept 2 rower and find the ability to race against “yesterday’s ride/row” a huge motivator and one of the best ways for me to improve my times. In fact, I do this on the road too, with the Garman Virtual Partner thing. I’d LOVE to see that in Zwift.



(John Scott) #6

Sorry. I didn’t catch that. I’ve just been noticing so much whining in this community lately (maybe more in Facebook) that my cup just runneth over on your post. My apologies. :slight_smile:

(Mark Williams) #7

Oh, absolutely no apology necessary, John. The Interwebs can be somewhat ambiguous at times and I am totally with you on the whining thing. It all gets a little old after a while. But, yes, I was kidding :slight_smile:

(Jaime Salas) #8

Hey Mark,

I posted a same type of comment you made in option 2 earlier. I thought it was kind of humorous as I am supposed to be resting (100 Watts), and my virtual cyclist is climbing a steep hill, and my speed is 3. hills are like bones to a dog. A dog sees a bone… He has to bury it. I see a hill… I have to push massive watts! LOL

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #9

Training mode on the hills is funny. Several times in the steeper areas my rider stops and starts to dismount when I’m supposed to be holding a low power level. On descents I’m occasionaly pushing huge power levels at a low cadence which never happens in real life. Usually I spinout in real life going downhill and can’t hit the prescribed power level

(John Murphy) #10

A fun challenge is trying to keep up with group rides in workout mode since you can’t draft them.

(Alison Kubota [Vision] CVR) #11

Bring back the breakaway burrito!!!