Manipulating the power input?

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #1

The other day, I saw a rider (H Keefe I believe the name was) doing an insane ride in terms of wattage. I saw him do almost a complete lap around the island having an average of probably 8-900 watts. Long period banging over 1kW.

To me this is crazy power numbers over that period of time, but maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line on this one as it to me looked liked someone were manipulating on the power inputs to the system.

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #2

Just read a thread on Virtual Power and power inputs being off the chart. I guess this was what I saw the other day. Case closed.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

A tester was getting ahead of us a bit and using a trainer we don’t support yet. Each update we’ll dial this stuff in a bit more, and eventually we’ll count on the community to flag riders and rides similar to how Strava works.