Awesome. Power ups and and T-Shirts...

First off, Zwift is ridiculously awesome, thanks for letting me on the beta. I cannot believe how much it has revolutionised my turbo sessions. Ad-hoc, I ended up riding in a properly international pack this week, swapping the lead, pushing each other, sprinting for the markers. My proposed half hour ‘spin’ session lasted 1hr 45!
Power ups…
I’m not a great fan of the new power-ups - they detracts from the reality of it IMHO. They push the concept more towards video gaming, which i don’t really do and I just find them a distraction. Option to turn off when you are riding solo would be nice, and/or option to start a group/pack ride without them for everyone in the group would be nice IMHO.
T-Shirts / Jerseys.
Strava is doing well selling Strava branded Jerseys. Bring out some ‘Zwift’ merch now (only available to beta testers obviously) and I am sure they will sell well among the community. Real jerseys matching some of the Zwift branded jerseys in the system would be awesome.
Carry on the good work, Zwift is genuinely brilliant.

I don’t like them either but I do imagine if a group of like minded people were in an organized ride/race the power ups could be an added bit of fun.
Not for me though and being able to remove it from the screen would be great.

virtual energy bars and drink will be more realistic.imo.

Adding to Jeff Edwards - that is great idea. Virtual energy bars would make a lot more sense.

I do like the “+” powerup… Especially the big “+” that gives you 250 points… I feel obligated to use the others or there is no chance of receiving a “+”.

Ditto Karl, I use the power ups as soon as i get them just so that i have an empty slot available on the off chance of getting a +

I try not to eat the bean burrito if there is someone behind me :smiley: