Less worlds: Retire the UCI worlds

Cant argue with that . Zwift do need to get a grip on the stability of the platform for sure . A bit too much tactical workaround and forced at that has not been good . They need to get a grip on that .

That said I really dont know why we are not seeing a lot more expansion of roads and routes (and indeed new worlds) . You have to assume they have worked on a half decent way to build this sort of thing in a design IDE way and its not being lovingly all done by hand (which is what current velocity suggests) . It just shouldnt be this hard ( and come with as much risk and resource to roll out as is implied) .

There are platforms out there that (while not offering perhaps some features that zwift does) are even able to generate terrain on demand (e.g. from GPX files) .

It’s not that simple. It’s more like this: Zwift should not invest their time and effort into maintaining or improving the UCI worlds to the detriment of Watopia. Any development time spent on new roads, is best spent on Watopia.

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So the unanswered questions are

  1. How much time are they spending on new roads
  2. What is the maintainance cost of UCI worlds

I can only hazard a guess here … but I would say (this year so far) … that would be zero

Investing that effort in Watopia even zwift should be able to do no problem without having to reduce effort in the UCI worlds … . :rofl:


Again, I am not qualified at this stuff. How much time and resources are required to maintain a UCI Worlds Course? Or any world for that matter? Are they really doing anything?

I certainly do not want to take away from Watopia and nothing I suggest should come at the detriment to Watopia. In fact I would guess that opening all worlds and adding significant roads to the other worlds so that they are more like Watopia will spread out riders across the worlds more evenly. Would this perhaps increase performance of Zwift?

Will further expansion of Watopia create problems in being too big of a map?

Again honest question I am not a programmer/software engineer, etc.

I am fairly new to Zwift and have yet to explore all of the worlds never mind all the routes on them.

From the start, the whole concept has been approached is if it was a gym I was attending.

There’s no way I’d be looking for the gym to change the shape or the colours of the dumbbells.

Like when I go to the gym, on Zwift I vary my activities according to which aspect of my riding requires to be improved. Currently, that’s every aspect of it. Indeed, I imagine that’s how it’s always going to be and I can’t see me getting bored.

I’ve been riding bikes for fifty odd years now and have yet to become bored by my local roads or local trails.

I think that there are other platforms on which we can pretend to ride real roads and we can leave Zwift if we like.


Maps always generate some work and effort even if you are not actively working on them. An upgrade to the graphics engine, to textures, to the physics engine, etc all require that all the maps be covered to some extent.

If Watopia, London, France and New York were all open at the same time then riders would spread out. If Watopia is extended then riders will be in different parts.

do you really believe that Zwirft is puttng any effort into maintaining existng and working maps?

when you buy a game like grand theft auto or fortnite or any video game for that matter, do you think that that they allocates team working to maptain the maps that never change?

Eric Min has stated that maps, new maps and changes in maps are not a priority for users.

The Chat was broken for a month, keep in mind that most Zwift users are here for the socal aspects
You have to exit Zwift to change maps
Not every country has a flag ( I have been asking for my country flag for over 4 years)
Level 51
Draft dynamics
More Bots
etc etc etc

I can go on and on with the list of Zwift issues. I say all of that to say that Zwisft is spending 0 effort on maintaning UCI maps.


Was? It still is broken which makes group rides much harder for leaders and sweeps since all chat isn’t showing up.


other than pace bots, new maps are literally the only thing that have been added, rather than removed, in the 2 years i’ve been on zwift. why delete them too


An upgrade to the graphics engine, to textures, to the physics engine, etc

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The size and impact of that work however is related to

How fundamental a change is being applied
How well zwift have engineered re-usability into there Architecture.

Since we know that all the fundamental changes being asked for are going no where that seems to just confirm what has been said on this already . Only a Zwift insider could score the later for us but I think we can probably make some good guesses on where this lies in a scale from 1-100.

I just don’t see the quantity of worlds versus having one big world being relevant in terms of support from most design and creation perspectives . Where I do see it being an impact item is as you mentioned , world open availability and population dispersal across it . Having absolute world segmentation is certainly more simple to manage than creating a scaling single world.

The probability of support and maintenance “cost” I would thus propose is lower for multiple worlds.

I believe the world you are riding in is being loaded locally, could there be more issues with “potato” devices when there is one (big) world?


Maybe you got your flag tonight? Let us know.

is there a way to easily find pace bots when you go for a free ride?

Other platforms provide real world graphics. Zwift consciously doesn’t

you can preselect a pace partner in watopia by clicking on the rider list when you start a ride and it’ll place you with it. if you’re already ingame though, you’ll have to just stumble across one along their route

Thank you Zwift, I can see my country flag after upgrading to the latest update

I’m fascinating at the potential of today’s release of Makuri Islands; a world that can rival Watopia and allows Zwift to create exciting routes for indoor use instead of being bound by the limitations of the UCI routes. This is a huge step towards retiring the UCI worlds.

I have never ridden Bologna since I’m fairly new.
I don’t think pulling out routes is a good idea.

Maybe change the type of rotation, but what YOU want, isn’t what EVERYBODY wants.


Bloody Strava. If I had a choice between riding so the world combined it having my riders show up in Strava of take all the world’s combined every time. It’s long overdue.

Do people want to ride their bikes or just shoe their riends they’ve ridden their bikes? My mates have zero interest in looking at my Zwift rides. Honestly I’m sure a lot of people would give up cycling if they couldn’t brag about it on Strava!