Leisurely ride but endurance building

I am looking for a “leisurely” ride, not a race, but more of an endurance ride not overly difficult, and lots of open country scenery, waterfalls, mountains, some climbing, like one is riding through the Rockies on their way to the Ocean! Or through the Alps?, something like that?
Thank you.
Biker Dave

Big Foot Hills is generally my go to for this sort of thing.

Depend on if you’re asking for a route or an event?

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If “Big Foot Hills” (70km, 714m climbing) is your “leisurely” ride… you’re a machine, James. Ride on!

Throwing in a pitch for “Dust in the Wind” at 52km +582m of climbing if you want something lighter. Per ZwiftInsider, it hits Titans Grove (twice), Fuego Flats, part of Ocean Boulevard, and Mayan Jungle out and back. Lots of rolling hills (love me some Titans Grove) but no extended climbs.

FYI, I love the “ZwiftMap” site for finding routes: ZwiftMap

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Dave: If you’re on a ‘dumb’ trainer you can make any ride as leisurely as you want. Your avatar might be going really slowly on some of the steep climbs, but it would still be leisurely to you as the rider. And if you’re on a smart trainer you can also make your ride as leisurely as you want by just adjusting the ‘Trainer Difficulty’ setting. Your avatar would still move according to the power you are putting out, but you wouldn’t feel those 10% grades at that rate (the default TD is 50%, but you can change it at any time, even in the middle of a ride). So, pick whatever route you want and have a great time!

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Not a machine, just a route I like to do at 2-2.5 for 2 hours or so.


Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop

Most underrated route on Zwift? If you don’t want to do the partial Epic Reverse KOM, start up Road To Sky, make a U-turn, then go straight at the junction for the KOM bypass.

Perhaps, I should also add in, that sometimes I don’t want mountainous hills, but rather mostly semi-flat land to go for a nice bike ride in the sun by the beach!, on a paved path of course, lol, ok now I’m really picky aren’t I! electric bike next? I don’t think so!
Thanks for any help.

Thanks Nigel for that piece of info. What keys is it again that do that?, arrow keys? or number keys? Thanks again,

Sometimes I like to just lazily peddle along enjoying the scenery, but do so for exercise, so occasional hills are good as long as I can ride them!, he he, always get off my bike and walk up!!

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