Launcher loops

Hello, I’m hoping to find the support here that Zwift doesn’t offer me (despite various mails).
I’m having some serious troubles with the launcher. I’m able to log in and start the launcher. However, the launcher is then eager to download and install an update. After that it closes and that’s it. I’m not able to ride/use Zwift.
I’ve already checked my graphic driver, uninstalled Zwift and installed a new one.
I’ve no clue what’s wrong. Can someone here pls help me? Otherwise I’m going to cancel my membership as i don’t want to use my iphone screen for rides.

Hi @Finja_Winterholler, welcome to the forums. The launcher runs off Internet Explorer (IE), I’m assuming you are using windows? If on a Mac, it would be Safari.

Try clearing the cache and browser history, if that doesn’t work, try the steps that Dave outlines below:

Couple of questions; does the install actually complete? On the first go it’ll take some time to download and unpack, maybe 20mins depending on the speed of your broadband, storage and CPU. The progress bar will disappear when it’s done. Secondly, are you using an external display, and if so, have you tried launching the game not doing so? Sometimes the game struggles to know which display it’s meant to be using.

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I had to use Edge to help setup a new Access Point, had a couple of Zwift Freezes after while riding last night.
Today (next day) I kept getting “error 500” in the Zwift Launcher window.
I had to open Edge and clear “all cookies” and suddenly the Zwift Launcher sprung into life.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. Deleted histories and cookies on both firefox and edge. According to my log, I’m not using the current version of Zwift. I’m using 1.0.52. However, whenever the launcher tries to update and install the update, the launcher simply closes. When to window pops up to give permission to installing update, i give this. The launcher closes right after it.
I remember that I downloaded Zwift recently (which was one of my first attempts to fix this problems). Right now, it has been saying for a good 2 minutes that 24seconds are remaining (of the update).

Broadband is semi-fast (for rural Germany it’s actually rather fast).
I’m not using an external dislay.
What I find strange is that even though i deleted all cookies etc. Zwift remembered my credentials.

I’m considering deleting all cookies etc. and then uninstall Zwift completely and then downloading it again. Which one would you recommend? Mozilla firefox or edge?

It’s Internet Options you want, as per the steps listed above.

Follow this to reinstall the game correctly: Re-Installing Zwift


Internet Explorer is the only relevant browser here (even if you don’t use it for anything yourself, it’s still in there somewhere).


I deleted all of the cookies,
deleted and installed zwift as recommend.
I’m unable to install the latest version of zwift. The homepage only offers an earlier version.
After installing that version the launcher downloads and ‘tries’ to install the latest version, but fails to do so.
Whenever I start the launcher, it simply crashes.
I’m really annoyed especially as the zwift official support is not getting back to me (after having seen my logs and the need to install the latest version).
I’m wondering why zwift doesn’t offer the latest version as a download file on their webpage

I’m not sure what you mean about the latest version. The file you download from the Zwift website is just the setup file, it installs the Zwift launcher (current version is 1.0.52) and a few other bits, and is done in seconds. Only once you try to start the game for the first time does it then download and install the latest version of the full game itself (current version is 1.16.2, or 1.0.80068 in the old format), which is around 3.5GB of data so can take a lot longer depending on the speed of your internet connection, storage and CPU. There’s no way to download this full game directly, as the end user. After the game is installed, you will have both the launcher and the game, and they have separate, independent version numbers.

Future game updates happen this same way, but as patches to the game so usually take less than a minute - again dependent on the speed of your setup.

On a brand new install you will always be provided with the latest version of the game.

I have just resetted my whole notebook and installed zwift again. The Version i download is 1.0.52.
When I open it, the update is being downloaded. This took quite some time. I‘m able to register but the Moment i hit „let‘s Go“ the launcher closes.
When I open zwift on the windows bar (right corner) do the right click and click on „check for update now“ it says that zwift is update to date.
And this simply doesn‘t go/fit with the log files.
I simply don‘t know what else to do.
I‘m either thinking about quitting zwift for good or buying an adapter for my phone to connect it to the tv screen.

do you use an external monitor or connect to a TV?

the only time i’ve had this is when I have used a USB to hdmi converter, when i hit “let’s go” it just closes.

also sometimes if I’m using a dual monitor set up it doesn’t like full screen mode but works in windowed mode.

try just using the notebooks built in display with nothing attached and see if that works.