Lates Update Failed & Cannot Get Support ==> BUT I Can CANCEL!

For the last two days the I cannot use Zwift because

Update Failed during patching, Error Code: Z117 at Line 602 in
Please Contact Zwift Support.
Would you like to try to launch Zwift anyway?

Support just runs you around in circles with web pages and questions.

BUT YOU CAN CANCEL easily ;-).

Zwift ID: user1897385

Zwift ends with enjoy the rest of your membership.

Hi Tom, I tried finding your last message to see what kind of troubleshooting we’ve tried but I don’t see anything recent. The Z117 error indicates that Zwift isn’t able to write to the Documents folder. Often this comes from file in use, lack of admin privileges, or a non standard Documents folder location. If you’ve already made sure that the Zwift folder isn’t in use by any cloud sync program and checked the other things, please reach out to us so we can help you look into this.

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I would expect that as part of troubleshooting the problem. I’d guess they’ve pointed you at Error Code: z117 for example, and are asking questions to help diagnose your particular problem if it isn’t covered by that page.

The Z117 error related to the patcher seems fairly common, and Zwift have addressed some causes of it. If none of the workarounds in the linked page help, it might be that yours is an edge case not previously encountered and deal with. They’ll need more information about your circumstances to get to the bottom of it.

You could also search for the error code here - it might be that a different thread has a solution that works for you.

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Welcome to the Forums!

If you’re on a Windows PC, then there was a workaround for Z117 that I believe originally came from the Zwift Forums, but I don’t recall exactly where – likely from another one of the big Z117 Forums threads.

Anyhow, the suggested workaround has apparently has worked for a lot of other Zwifters, and goes as follows:

  1. Copy the full contents of the “Zwift” folder in Downloads\Zwift.
  2. Paste contents into the “Zwift” folder in C:\program files (x86)\Zwift.
  3. Accepting the prompt to overwrite several (possibly up to 5) files, and then the desktop icon (when next run) will now start the application in the patched game version.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Lucas

I also get error code z117 when launching zwift.

my documents folder is synced with OneDrive and I wish to keep that setting. It is also recommended by Microsoft.

Are there any workaound to get zwift running in this scenario?
I don’t mind creating an additional documents / downloads folder and fiddling with registry settings.