Late joining group workouts

Are all group workouts late-join enabled?

I have a meetup event which is going to overlap with a group-workout (official event not a meetup). I will be 15 minutes late to the start of the workout. Can i be sure the workout event will let me in?


It depends on the workout. Find your event in ZwiftPower, click on it, and you’ll see on the top left-side, beneath the name of the event, will be all the tags associated with that particular event, such as route, event duration/distance, all riders visible, Late Joining, etc. If you don’t see “Late Joining”, then unfortunately you’re out of luck.

Thanks Sophie!!

I checked Zwifthacks instead - and it does allow late join… so i think we get 30m grace, right?

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Correct -30min. And yep - Zwifthacks works too!

I don’t think ZwiftPower lists down workouts.
Zwifthacks does.