Late join for Spring Training 2024 events

Apparently late join isn’t working at all. I’ve had issues for a month. Today I signed up for a workout and logged in 1 min after the start. There was NO option to late join on the start screen or within my companion app. Missed my workout due to this glitch. Can this please be fixed?

Which workout did you try to late join?

Looking at zwiftpower and filtering workouts, not all workouts have the late join option.

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People have been using the late join function for the Big Spin rides hundreds of times over the last month, I’d say the function is working just fine.

Are you certain the group workout allowed late join?

What happens when you click on the events tab and not use the home screen, late join shows there for me in some cases

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It was the Spring training group ride.

those don’t allow late join, most workouts don’t… but can’t you do them on demand anytime you want?

You can do them on demand. I was looking forward to a group event. I’ve zwifted for years and never noticed what rides “allowed” a late join and which did not :woman_shrugging:. Appreciate the feedback. With the occasional glitches and “updates” it’s good to know this isn’t an issue.

Hi @Kimberley_Williamson welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I wanted to officially confirm what Mike already noted - late join is not enabled for any of the Spring Training 2024 events.