Re-enable the late join feature

So as zwift disabled the late join function in the last update ( 1.0.36881, June 1st 2019), seems like it is time to ask for it.
Please re-enable the late join feature. It was very useful for me.

Hey Pedro!

This function wasn’t working properly, so we have turned it off so we could work on it. A forum post about it had been made by one of our Devs earlier. Late Join for Events is not working

We hope to have this feature functional again in the future.

Ride On!


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Yesterday I had to apply a zwift update before starting it. Then I tried to late join a ride. I am a regular of that particular ride but often do not make it in time for its scheduled start, so that is a very useful function to me.
Well, it did not work. Reached zwift support, and their response is that they disabled that feature in the last update because it was giving them a lot of trouble.
Sorry zwift, but YOU SUCK

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So Seth/Gerrie,
any ETA for this fix?

Sorry I don’t have that info, I just helped to put everything in one thread.

We will be releasing more info about when to expect an update patching it as soon as our Dev Team lets us know more about how the patch is going. They need to isolate the issue and find out what is causing it before they can fix it. No specific ETA is available at this time.

Personally, I think disabling it was the wrong move. Sure, it sometimes didn’t work, but most of the time it did, and people used it. I missed a ride yesterday because I was 3 seconds late. Really frustrating. You should have kept it enabled while still working on a fix. And if you’re going to change something like that, you’d better start publishing release notes in a VERY obvious place so that we can all know what to expect. (On that note, the entire Zwift homepage needs a severe update. Without digging pretty deeply all you can really find from there is a brief synopsis of Zwift, and how to buy equipment. Finding out about Zwift events, for example, needs to be front-and-center on the homepage!)


This is different from the typical late-join issues. This was completely broken unfortunately.

We are targeting the patch in the next day or so and will re-enable as soon as we can.

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Read a post by you in a thread about the Late Join feature in the Known Issues section.
So it is re-enabled now? Kudos for you and zwift support if that is the case. This fix came faster than expected then.
Rode last time on saturday but had not tried it yet.

Last I had heard from the devs is the update on the 5th patched Late Join so it should be working now, on all devices but iOS, which should be released shortly after, and may be patched by now as well, with it being 5 days later.

Thanks for your patience.

Doesn’t work for me, I am in the other world but still finding riders… I see other riders joining but I’m not moving!!!