Implement late join so I can ride together sequential multiple group rides without excessive waiting or missing them

I have to manually quit a group ride in progress to join another group ride as it starts.

If I miss the start time I am screwed.

Often times I quit early but zwift is so slow switching joining group rides that I quit one ride early just to miss the next group ride or I get lost at the start line as everyone has gone.

Furthermore I often like the 1st group ride more than the second one but have no choice but to quit early as I cannot join the second ride late.

Waiting around wasting my training time sucks.

Zwift turned off the late join feature for now since it was causing some issue, they are working on reimplementing it.

It looks to be fixed and thus probably reenabled. The update yesterday said, “Fixed issue with late-joining an event” :man_shrugging:

Adding this from another thread.