Late Join Option

I really like the fact that you can sign up for two different rides, no matter what world they’re in, without saving and exiting as long as there is some time between ending first ride and start of the second, third, etc. ride. What has happened every time in back to back rides, the second ride disappears if you don’t “Join Ride” before its start time. These rides offer late start time, why can’t I join the ride within a few minutes of the start time? For example first ride is 7-8am with second ride from 8-9am. If I join teh second ride before 8am all is well. However if I finish the first ride at 8am, the option to Join the 8am ride disappears, forcing me to save the 7am ride and log in all over again to join the 8am, this could take 3-5 minutes with all the pairing instead of what could be a few seconds if the Join Ride function worked for a few minutes after the start time. Your thoughts?

This sounds like a special case of the common “save without exit” request.

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It’s slightly different to that request and I get where you are coming from. Late join is available from the world selection screen but not in game. So if the ride you want to join has already started you’ve now no choice but to save and exit.

One for future requests but not sure it’ll be a priority.

It is and it isn’'t. We sort of indirectly have have an option to do several rides without exiting but they really have to be scheduled rides. You can even join a ride while you’re riding and it works. If a Late Join is enabled, I just don’t know why the Join Ride does’t work for late start.

If you could save a ride and return to the main menu screen rather than exiting, wouldn’t that solve your problem?

Yes, that would be great but Zwift hasn’t offered this for years, despite many people requesting this. My point was that the Join Ride should already be enabled for longer period since the ride has the late start already enabled.