Late Join not working and no menu button

I joined the Cryo-gen ride 10 minutes late this morning and just got dumped in 10 minutes behind the group, also when I decided to leave the ride about 10 minutes from the end, on stopping the menu button didn’t show, so I had to hit Esc to get to the save screen

Multiple riders reported being late-joined to the start pen in the ODZ Friday Ebb ride this morning. Others were late-joined to the leader. My experience with the feature has been so poor lately that I’m just not going to use it at all.

So it worked, people will be on time now…LOL

:rofl: :rofl:


:joy: LOL!

It does still suck for those that fell off and want to ride with the pack, but … we’re an entire quarter into the year and late joining is still a total nightmare.

At it’s worst I was quite literally referring to it as rejoin roulette during our group rides; because it really was a game of roulette if you’d get to rejoin the blob, and if you’d even go down the same roads as us.

I guess as it stands, I will continue to call it that!