Lastest update a few glitches

(Brett Martin) #1

I’ve ridden a few rides now on the latest update on zwift beta and I’ve noticed a few small glitches to address.

1st - After passing through the sprint my name was between 2 other names and their splits apearred twice. This only happened once, not every time.

2nd - I’m using the Kickr on sim mode and resistance is good but when climbing the hill after the sprint and getting out of my saddle to do the 9-10% grade my W/kg increased whilst the avatar stayed frozen on one leg. This only happened once as well.

3rd - On lap 7 every body else dissapeared and then reappearred. It wasn’t the usual internet drop out as it was the only time it happened and also i felt I lost the link to sim mode as resistance changed, on checking Wahoo Fitness App it was still in Sim mode, it then all came good, just a short lapse.

Small glitches and I’m probably just being fussy, but it all adds to the experience, which by the way I’m really enjoying on my new Kickr.


(Brett Martin) #2

Sorry its version 1.0.4312