Last update Zwift freezes in Watopia

Since the last update, Zwift freezes in Watopia in the middle of the Tempus Fugit track. Always at the same point. In both directions. However, it only does this in 4K resolution. There has never been such a problem since the update since October 2020. I run the program on a desktop computer with Windows 10 and Radeon 5700XT. My trainer is Elite Suito. Now 1080p resolution is good. That’s how I’ll try it for a longer workout tomorrow. Please see what might be causing the problem at this point in Watopia. I attached a picture.

What location? It seems like anytime I get near the desert mine freezes at 1440p too

I can not ride into from either direction or spawn in the desert. Zwift immediately hangs. I’m running at the highest resolution with the latest drivers for my vid card.

Join the club. Everything fell apart in watopia with the mid April 1.24 zwift update. I’ve been in touch with zwift and they are blaming AMD drivers and told me to look at the forum and use a lower device like an ipad. Super poor customer service.

I’ve tested going back to win10 then win11, every imaginable AMD driver and nothing works with the April zwift update. According to zwift AMD is the problem, but I’ve shown that is not the case. Watopia will freeze in many places repeatedly (it is not random).

search for this thread. Zwift amd display drivers - you will find lots of info there that will make you want to drop zwift from the payroll. I’ve sent them a pretty frank email asking for a real answer and if they can’t provide that than I might be spending my money elsewhere.