Lag in ERG mode

Hi there:

Using Zwift on Apple TV. Since the most recent update, ERG mode is not working correctly. During a workout, when a new interval starts, there is now about 7 seconds of lag as the resistance ramps up or down. Latest Zwift version and latest firmware for my Kickr Core. Has worked perfectly until the most recent update.

Cadence relatively constant - has worked fine for years - ramps up or down in 2 sec?

I did try connections via Apple TV rather than the Companion App - no better. I also tried turning bluetooth off on my ipad AND running without the Companion App - no change.

Known issue? Any suggestions?

Any BTW - how the heck do I submit a support ticket these days?

Go through the chatbot. If you keep telling it that its suggestions don’t help, then eventually you’ll get to a contact form to let you contact support. But you’ll be persistent with the chatbot.

There’s another thread called “Issues with erg mode after updating kickr core” that seems to be addressing this issue.