Lag from Power Source to Macbook

I normally use an iPad and connect my Elite Turbo Muin to it via bluetooth with no issues (yes I know the turbo muin is a little suspect with its power readings, got to make do for the moment…).

I have found an oldish TV monitor and today tried hooking up my Macbook to the TV via HDMI and running Zwift on the Macbook and linking to power source via bluetooth. I experienced a large lag (8-10 seconds) between the power I put out registering on Zwift, thus making workouts all but impossible.

Have others experienced this? I think it could be as the Macbook is a little slow and the bluetooth connection is what’s causing the lag. As a solution I was going to get an iPad to HDMI adapter and try hooking the iPad up to the TV - any reasons that are obvious as to why this may not work? Would be good to hear before I buy the cable…

Thanks in advance for your help - hope that’s a clear explanation :slight_smile:

If you run the game on the Macbook minus the HDMI cable and TV hookup, does the lag go away?

How good is the graphics processor on that Macbook? Pushing pixels out to a second monitor can stress a GPU that’s not up to snuff, and might be the root cause.

Also: how long is the HDMI cable run? If it’s really long, signal degradation can also play a role, and it may not matter if the signal source is your Macbook or iPad.

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