Workout Mode

Every time I use the Workout Mode I am dropping my power for a few seconds.

I never drop power during a ride or at all just in Workout mode. I would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem?


Yes, I have this problem as well while in workout mode.  No drops on a normal ride.  Well, to be fair, I’ve only used the workout mode once, but my bike doesn’t ever move (on a dedicated trainer bike on a Kickr), nor does my PC.  

I had (have) the same problem. I am using an old MacBook Pro with 256 mb video card. It worked fine in Beta but on the workouts, I get frequent drops. I put a 1 foot USB extension on the Ant+ stick and moved it closer to my Powertap hub. It improved things a lot but worlout mode still seems laggier than the race mode. I have no interest in buying another Mac and not excited about buying Windows just to run Zwift. Im a Linux user.

Edit. I just did the long FTP test this morning. Zero drops. Video is still a little laggys but usable.