Lag between graphics and position info (RHS) (PC)

So, after sorting out my 4 FPS issue by buying a new graphics card I can run Zwift smoothly at 1080 in big group rides (and races I assume).

But what I am noticing is that the position at the top of the RH column seems to be at odds with my actual position on the screen. I think it is the graphics which are lagging, i.e. the position info is accurate - but I’ll give an example:

I go off the front of the group briefly. The position creeps up to say 5th or even 2nd but then whilst I’m still in the first few riders I’ll see the position dropping down to 20th+

This goes both ways and is kind of annoying when you are stepping on the gas or easing off only to find yourself bouncing up and down the pack.

Any ideas what the issue is and if there is a fix? Thanks

Hey Chris!

This sounds like it might be a high ping rate. You could try a speed test and see what your Ping is. We recommend as low as possible, though 50MS is often referred to as the ‘safe minimum’ and anything above that can start having a notable effect on game play.

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This makes sense but I can’t check the ping using the suggested speed test as I’m based in the UK. It defaults to a UK based server so my ping is pretty good.

Do you have an IP address or something I can try pinging to determine what the lag is to the actual Zwift server?

This is typical behaviour and not an issue with your setup. The positions on right hand side have never reflected your local clients graphical view.

Yes, sorry. West Coast of the US. Approximately around LA. I was staring at my first message for about 10 minutes going ‘I know I’m forgetting something, but can’t remember what…’. Well, here it is.