Lack of write access error [March 2024] [Launcher 1.1.12]

Sorry, but thank you - If I one day solve the problem, I buy you a big Carlsberg :slight_smile:
How can I disabling controlled file access ?


Just be aware there are system security implications of changing this setting. You get less protection from malware or ransomware. Doing it as a test is reasonable but it’s safer to apply exceptions so you can leave it on. The problem is that Zwift is incorrectly designed because it writes application data to Documents\Zwift which is not permitted by Microsoft.

I did a longish ride yesterday. When I finished, all seemed to work fine. Saved the activity.
Noticed later it did not appear in Strava.

I went to /Users//Documents/Zwift/Activities folder and sure enough the activity was not completed. I renamed to and all seemed to work. It showed up in Zwift feed and Strava.

This is the 3rd time this happened. I am not logged in to multiple devices. Always use my Mac. There were definitely too few riders in Watopia, so perhaps You were experiencing some issues? My network seemed fine, music was streaming OK and the fam. was not complaining :slight_smile:

Anyway, noticed on my next ride that XP and Drops earned during the previous ride did not count. Is there a way to fix this? And of course why does this keep happening? And if it is network issues, than surely there should be some way for users to fix their data?

Here are some screenshots:

Longish ride (yesterday):

Today’s ride (no XP or Drops counted):

I don’t know why my last 4 (maybe 5) Zwift sessions weren’t saved. I regularly saved every performance. Obviously these sessions were not even uploaded to Strava. What should I do?

What are you running the game on?

Did a Zwift update yesterday, since then I’ve done two rides (40km+ each) and neither uploaded. Checked for FIT files, but none were created! Strange, as my Zwift level increased which means the internet connection was just fine and the ride was recorded in Zwift’s cloud service, just not on my Windows PC! I’ve used Zwift for years and haven’t seen this behaviour before, it’s like Zwift broke their PC software in the latest update??

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Sounds like this issue

Happy to hear that I’m not alone.
Hopefully Zwift will find a solution in near future, otherwise I’ll find another place to ride.


Now I see the .fit files on Zwift, how can I download to Strava far Zwift ?

Hi @Poul_Bjerrum, It’s great to know the issues have been resolved step by step I appreciate all your initiative in trying the workaround suggested. Now that you have found the .fit file you can download them by following these steps in this article.

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If you need to upload FIT files to Strava manually:

If your newly completed rides are not uploading to Strava automatically, make sure Zwift is paired to Strava:

Sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect and reconnect if the sync is failing. Sometimes the sync process can be delayed as well, so if a workout doesn’t appear instantly, be aware it may occasionally take hours if there is a backlog or maintenance going on.

@Martha_C I see the .files In the Zwift app, not on the web.

When I try to download, I’m told that email account is inactive……
If I set up email, I send empty email to……

Here you can see latest visible training.


I had a crash or an unexpected program closure today.

Nothing was sent to Strava ,ZCA or

When I reviewed my Fit files, todays ride shows up as “InProgressActivity”.
Can I send this to Strava?
Do I need to close it some how?

I was also monitoring my ride with my power pedals and my bike computer and uploaded that data to strava but the power and heart rate data don’t look normal even though the power tracked perfectly the whole time.

I don’t think I got my 500 XP for my ride streak.

Zwift was listed as Blocked, I’ve now added it to the Allowed Apps filter. I’ll do a ride later and see of it’s now fixed.

I really hope @zwift will find a solution, I don’t what to use much more time on this case, then I need to find alternatives.

Not sure how helpful a ‘non-report’ is but no issues here with 1.1.12 and 1.61.0. I checked and zwiftapp is set to be allowed to communicate through the Defender firewall. Controlled folder access is, per default settings, turned off. Not using anything like dropbox, onedrive, etc.

I can’t get Zwift to run on my new Surface Pro9 . I get the following errors message:
There was an error accessing your documents folder. There was also error trying to create a Zwift folder on your desktop as a fall-back. This means Zwift can’t save any files.
Anyone faced same issue before?

Hello @Ahmed_AL_Habsi, welcome to the forums!

I’m going to guess that might be from onedrive or other similar backup software running… try turning that off or adding an exception for Zwift so it doesn’t get caught in the cloud.

Possibly also related to the Controlled Folder Access issue, although other people reporting that problem didn’t mention getting the error message… Definitely worth checking that setting regardless.