Kurt Kinetic Smart Control Resistance Sticks at Top of Hill in Free Ride


(Wally Stanton ) #1

Sometimes after climbing for a while the resistance stays on once I have crested a hill? anyone else experience this? Is there a fix?

(Vincent W.) #2

Sorry to hear that Wally! Have you tried troubleshooting your BLE connection with these steps?


(M. Schweisthal (Scuderia Schweinehund)) #3

Hey Wally,

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I am atm really getting frustrated over this issue. It has helped, for some minutes at least, to change the trainer intensity in the game menu when that happens. But then resistance got stuck again and couldn’t be changed anymore.

Tonight, I will try to properly calibrate the trainer again via the Kinetic Fit app and pair the trainer via BT to the laptop instead of the companion app. Perhaps that might help…

In the meantime, check your log files via https://zwiftalizer.com/ to see where or IF connection has been impaired somewhere.

(M. Schweisthal (Scuderia Schweinehund)) #4

Quick update:
Did a thorough calibration (both cold break resistance calibration and warmed up standard calibration) via the fit app to see if this would help.

Went for a free ride in New York, resistance was fine, noticeably stronger than before calibration so I was optimistic.After 30 min the same thing occurred. Resistance got stuck and wouldn’t change. Unplugged the trainer completely, reconnected and it worked again for a couple of minutes, after the first hill got stuck again.

One thing I notices: the LED on the smart control unit was off when I went off the bike to unplug the trainer and didn’t come back on when I plugged it back in - although it made the characteristic sound it makes when you plug it in.

Very frustrating issue.
I opened an Issue on Kinetic’s Github profile. Hope they can sort it out or at least look into it.

(Wally Stanton ) #5

They are suggesting that it is a bluetooth issue where the signal drops. I have tried limiting all other bluetooth connections as per their recommendations and moving my fan as well. I had 2 rides that went well without it happening, then last night it happened twice during a 75min ride. The LED on my control unit was still on last night but I have noticed it off before as you described.

(Fede Gom) #6

Michael ,
I have the same situation but the difference is the light is ON all the time.

(Russ Gilbert) #7

KK just today released a new version of the Kinetic Fit app for Android. It resolved many of my pairing issues. My Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors now pair correctly and read correctly. The calibration of my new RMC unit now calibrates correctly. The version is 1.4.13.


(Mark Dux-Trek) #8

I have a similar issue. I have new KK smart controller trainer and after climbing for a while (boxhill), my power output increases like I a pro biker then at the top of the hill the resistance flips. It’s very hard to pedal down the hill and then it’s very easy to pedal up the 15% escalator hill in London. If I unplug and re-plug in the trainer AC power, it resets and the resistance is back to normal. I connect my trainer to zwift via an ANT+ to my PC. I have the new KK smartrainer with ANT+. This issue has happened about 5 times in the last few weeks. It’s annoying in 2 ways, because it also skews my power numbers. I’m going to check the light on the trainer and connect the old via Bluetooth and see what happens.

(Russ Gilbert) #9

I had a very similar experience with my T-6400 in stage 2 on Box Hill. Zwift popped up a warning noting there was an issue with my equipment or I missed my calling as a pro.