Knowledge Base: New Home

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Hey all!

You may have noticed that our Knowledge Base articles are no longer accessible from our old URLs. Not to fret! They have been moved to our brand new Support Hub over at

We wanted Zwifters to experience a seamless journey to the exact support they needed, right when they needed it. Naturally, our Knowledge Base articles are going through this transformation as well.

Articles will be converted into a cleaner format, where there aren’t tens of articles for one subject but rather one concise landing page. The Support Hub’s user interface is receiving a cleanup too, so you’re not searching through a page that looks more like a collage.

If you are receiving any broken link issues don’t worry, we’re implementing redirects in the Zendesk links so they point you to the new Support Hub. If you have any issues or concerns with the new support page please feel free to comment under this topic. Let us know how you feel about the changes too!

Ride On :ride_on:

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