Newbie Here! Zwift 101

Newbie here! Who could tell me if using a regular trainer stand, +wahoo speed sensor would be enough to enjoy Zwift?

What is a regular training stand?

Hi @Juan_Diego_Gutierre,

Many people enjoy Zwift with an “old-fashioned” trainer with a Wahoo speed sensor.

BUT it’s much better with a smart trainer - which automatically changes resistance as you ride up and down hills. This lets you FEEL the hills, it makes it feel more real, and for me that’s a huge part of what makes Zwift so great.

So I don’t recommend a speed sensor. If you’re looking for a cheap option, I recommend getting a low-cost second-hand responsive smart trainer. I got a Tacx Smart Flow on Facebook marketplace, where I’ve seen them as cheap as £70/€80/$100.

I started with a cyclops fluid2 w/speed, cadence , & heart rate sensors. It sure beats staring at a wall or just watching. I’ve since upgraded to the Saris H3. Big difference with resistance feedback to match the courses.

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I have a Blackburn mag3 trainer. Ok, so its not smart! I’m not either!- So, I just hop on my bike and peddle away, when I see my speed drop down, I know I’m climbing, so I just try to keep the power or cadence the same, and change gearing too. This helps. Then when I see my speed increasing, I peddle like heck like a cheetah is after me and watch my speed increase. I actually see almost real like similarities to my rides when I do this. So, yes, if you follow the numbers game, you can enjoy Zwift.

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