kinetic smart control

I asked last year about an in ride calibration within zwift for this trainer any update

I can’t speak for Zwift in this matter, but I do some product testing for Kinetic and they have some updated firmware in the works that will enable this.  The new firmware will support FTML, which is the industry standard for Bluetooth trainer control.  This is a necessary step to supporting calibration direct in Zwift.  

Thanks for the update,any idea of the time line for the updated firmware

Timing is a little hard to tell.  I should be starting my testing in a week or two and it largely depends at that point forward if we see any errors or ride experience issues.  I’ll be testing over various terrain, resistance slider values and ERG mode workouts so it can take a little time to get a variety of scenarios but we will all do what we can to get it ready soon.

Hi there has been an update to the kinetic app to enable ble calibration and changes to the way you calibrate the trainer which has improved it a lot however when will Zwift enable in game calibration



Hello, Gary and Duane.  I love the idea of the Rock and Roll and was hoping to purchase their Smart Control model once it is off backorder status.  Is everything copacetic at this point or are there still some problems with the Kinetics?  Thank you.