KICKR v6 WiFi connection | Wahoo Direct Connect [October 2022; February 2023]

From wahoo:

“If you have the direct connect plugged in, Wifi on the V6 is then turned off. So the dircon takes precedent.”

Yes for pairing. It’s not off for updates through wifi as this is how wahoo tells to get updates, by leaving the wifi information in the app so it stays on. To pair when the cable is plugged it will be using cable over wifi.

Looks like quite a few people are experiencing some form of dropouts; mostly Wifi, Dircon, and BT.
I get 2 kinds - a brief drop (similar to few dropped ant+ points) which is thankfully the most common type, or a complete disconnect every ~15-20 mins and need to go to the pairing screen (which is a PITA on ATV)
Unfortunately I can’t use my regular PC and Ant+ which has been 99% successful the last 5 years.

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Any info (logs, etc.) that you would need from users experiencing this issue that would help?

Mostly Wifi yes… and for some who thought buying the cable would help, then they would find out same issues when wired… ca 20 minutes disconnection sounds accurate in this issue yes.

Too bad for your previous setup PC and ant+!

No issues but still tracking this one closely…


Thanks Shane :pray: with you involved, chances are even better to get a solution!!

Hi Everyone, I bought the new Wahoo V6 trainer in the middle of September and on every ride I have had at least two dropouts, I spoke to wahoo who have tried to help as much as they can but with no success then I messaged zwift and the reply I got is below…I had the wahoo 2017 version and had no problems…Here’s hoping both parties get it sorted very soon though I am running out of patience…

ATB Davie…

Thanks for reaching out to us! This is Emilia with the Zwift Support Team.

From what you’re describing, it sounds like your devices aren’t staying paired.

The usual cause for BLE dropouts is wireless signal interference. Check out this [article]​ for tips on how to prevent this from occurring.

In addition, it is worth checking if you have the latest firmware for your trainer. You can do this in the Wahoo app.

Furthermore, please make sure your hardware is not connected to any other application or device that may be stealing the signal.

​​​If you have any other questions or still need help with this, please let us know.

Ride On.
Emilia P
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Hey Davie,

In the answer from Zwift they are talking about BLE. Are you having wifi drops too? I guess you do…

I am losing the wifi connection and I am only a bike length away from the router, I’ve even spoke to my server asking them to check my connection which is fine as I have a business account so they look after it due to this…I was on Zwift today doing a short 8 mile ride which went ok though I did have three small dropouts which recovered very quickly and not the normal ones I have got though if I had stayed on I’m sure I would have had one or two…I also joined Wahoo RGT for a 10 mile ride which I got from Wahoo as a free trial but unfortunately after doing just over 6 miles I got a dropout that stopped me, I’ve done two others and only one didn’t have a dropout so it’s not going well for any of the platforms at the moment… Thank you for coming back to me and hopefully things will get back to normal very soon…

All the very best Davie

This sounds very like a firmware issue on the kickr’s side… I haven’t tried on other platforms as I’m only using Zwift but it is to expect WiFi is dropping independently of the platform…


Going to the pairing is not an option nor should be considered a solution for race and/or group ride scenarios. It just shouldn’t drop at all.


Purchased a Kickr V6 yesterday, it dropped wifi during my first workout, 6 minutes in. I switched to Ant+ for the rest of the ride which was rock solid. I hope this wifi issue gets fixed…

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Ant+ is at the moment the only working solution…

Yup, I just tried another ride using wifi, it dropped out at 16 mins. I’ll stick to Ant+ until the issue is resolved. I really hope this is a Zwift or firmware issue…

According to wahoo it needs an update, so let’s hope they (wahoo) will do one fast…

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Just got a mail from wahoo! There is an update for the firmware just right now! They say it includes a fix for the wifi issue.

I’m going to update and will let you know asap!

Please check if you all can update your kickr!


Got it and updated. Question is, do i risk it for ZRL?? If anyone is riding this evening/tonight can you report back please!

I’m right now 18 mines into a ride and no drop!!!

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Yessssss!!! Great news :+1:t2: