Kickr spinning too fast in erg mode

 Using the Wahoo Kickr in erg mode while in FTP builder workout mode. For strength intervals where the program goes from 125 w to 390 w and back to 125 w,  the smart trainer will spin at high revolutions for a very long time which means that I “fail” almost every 125 w intervals. Is there a way to rapidly slow down the Kickr in between intervals? 

ERG mode can be used in just about any gear - maybe try pick a smaller gear (I use the little chain ring for my ERG workouts) and see if that keeps some of the momentum out of the system. 

Also, if you’ve had the KICKR for a year or more, have you updated your firmware?  This used to be a more common issue with the older firmwares if I recall correctly.

Hi Jon,

So the problem is resolved but I wanted to follow up for those with the same issue. I did have to update the firmware so that might have been part of the solution. I also noticed that my better half had been unplugging the KICKR so I have been more diligent at re-calibrating the spin down. Also, followed instruction from Zwift in that I used a big gear only, and waited for the tension on the ERG to pick up before pushing to reach the 390 watts (i.e. no anticipation). Today’s workout was perfect.