KICKR SNAP resistance doesn't seem to work

I was riding (non-workout mode) WATOPIA last night and I: 1) checked my firmware (via the Wahoo utility app) and 2) did a spindown via the Wahoo Utility App.  My computer/ant+ dongle sits 3-4ft from the trainer and I didn’t see any major dropouts on power/speed (i.e. didn’t go to 0).  Note: this is a 3 day old Kickr Snap.

What I noticed was I would be spinning say a 90rpm decent gear on the flats, as we turned to go uphill (2-10% incline) I kept the same rpm’s with the same effort…yes, my speed on the display went down and watts stayed about the same…but, I didn’t feel any excessive resistance on the flywheel.  If I shifted into a HARDER gear and cranked it, my power went up and typically speed.  But, again I didn’t feel any excessive resistance from the trainer.  I am about finished with my trial and am debating on signing up until either 1) this is resolved and 2) I have more km’s to test it out.

I noticed some posts on pausing and it going “out” of SIM mode…not sure how to  know if this happened or not.  Also, my ZWIFT resistance is set at 50%.  Thanks for any help you can provide…will be trying some other software soon while I await some feedback.

I think you’re in ERG mode. Go to Wahoo Fitness-app > Sensors > KICKR SNAP. If ERG Mode Speed Simulation is on, turn it off. That should do it, I hope.

Per wahoo support zwift controls. The wahoo fitness app has no control unless u r using their app. 

Might not be the same cause, but I had a similar problem with my kickr snap that turned out to be that garmin express was set to always run in the background.

All, thanks for the responses.  I first used the WAHOO FITNESS APP to ensure the trainer was working with resistance (it was).  I then (on my PC) made sure to shut everything down (firefox, garmin express (which is a no no), and the WAHOO UTILITY APP.  Then started ZWIFT…all is good…tks

What is the problem with leaving Garmin Express running in the background?