Kickr Snap creaking noises

Dear all,

I have bought a new Kickr Snap trainer and already with the first training it started making creaking noises - starting at about 45 Minutes after the beginning of the training. in the following trainings, thoses noises become louder and started earlier. First I covered that withloud music from a speaker - afterwards from in-ear headphones. However, even with those the noises became unbearable. At first I thought it was the bike (an older racing bike with an aluminum frame) that made the sound. however, I have tried three different bikes in total and the problem remained.

I wrote to Wahoo including a video of the trainer in use and they send a reaplacement. However … the same thing with the new one. I realized that the noise is particularly high when the counter nut of the restraining system of the trainer lossens during training. To avoid this, I now tighten the counter nut before closing the blue lever (which is in fact contrary to the indstructions in the manual). This helps considerably in reducing the noises - however, they are still very prominent.

I plan on buying a different trainer. However, except for the noises, I am very satisfied with the Snap.

Does anybody encounter the same problem and has a solution for it?


Hi the QR that comes with the snap is absolutely atrocious can you swap it for another? My snap QR ‘snapped’ on first use and the decent replacement is solid. Problem is at the cam mechanism