Kickr Noise

Just tested a Kickr for the first time tonight. It really makes a loud whine. Is that everyone’s experience? Am I just spoiled coming from an Elite Muin? Also lost resistance change mid ride. I see some other talk about this and solutions so will have to work through those. 

Looks like it’s normal

I bought a Neo to avoid this noise, but the Neo turns out to be full of it’s own teething issues.

Not sure why Elite are not discussed more. I have been using a turbo Muin and it is both more stable and with no noise. Really can’t wait for the Real Muin B+ to finally ship here in Canada.

I find it funny about complaints about Kickr noise. Sure, there are recently quieter options, but it’s sure a heck of a lot more quiet than my old trainer (Elite RealAxiom - roller on rear wheel) used to be. Especially at higher “speeds”. No real point here. Just being amused. 

I use a KickR regularly but don’t have exerience with the others listed in this thread.  One thing that I have noticed is that it’s much louder in the large chainring compared with the smaller chainring on the Kickr.  With the Kickr in erg mode, there is no reason to be in the big ring, unless you prefer your trainer to be louder.

But I can’t tell you the difference between Kickr in the small chainring with some of the other trainers listed in this thread.