Kickr resistance too high on iOS while on workout mode


I have been using the iOS version for a while and never had this issue, since 2 updates ago, every time I try to create my workout and ride it, once I select the workout immediately the resistance of the Wahoo Kickr increases up to the point that is impossible to pedal.

I tried starting the workout too but nothing.

I have a Wahoo Kickr and as power source I put my Quarq Red (old model)

Am I missing something? Do I need to configure it differently?

Please help!



In our last update, we added a beta implementation of the power meter + smart trainer ERG mode, and if both devices aren’t calibrated, it could be causing issues, so I’d start troubleshooting there.

You may also want to try with just the KICKR for both power and controllable trainer to see if it’s a problem with your workout settings. If the problem persists with KICKR for both, double-check your FTP to make sure it’s not too high.

If you’re still having issues after that, you can submit a support ticket with your logs, and we can help you investigate further.

Thanks for responding, both the Power Meter and the Kickr are both calibrated ok, with the Wahoo app everything works perfectly. My FTP is all updated.

I will submit the support ticket after my Tuesday ride once I have a log file, but can you please point me out how to get it on the iOS version?

I think I can get it using iExplore or some tool like that, but I know because I’m an iOS developer myself, is there any other way that I don’t know about?