KickR not seen after 12/1 Update

After 12/1 update, my KickR is no longer seen by Zwift as before the update. It is now seen as a Wahoo power device and seems to work correctly while riding. Have submitted log files but I simply do not trust the robot website and I bet I’ll have to do it again.

Hi Cary. How old is the kickr and have you updated its firmware in the last 6 months or so?

Hi Jon, thank you for your fast reply. KickR is a 2017 about 1 month old. Firmware has been updated and I even checked for a new update with the Wahoo Utility since the latest Zwift update.

I attached log files, but I am unsure if they made it through my initial contact.

I did note that I botched the first Zwift update, then restarted it, if it matters.

I do note that my KickR seems to work fine in Zwift, even though it is not listed as before.

Let me know if I can do anything else,




We are phasing out support for the old communication protocol on Wahoo trainers, so what you’re seeing is that other way is gone now.  The trainer should function as expected using the remaining way to pair.   Sounds like you’re seeing what we expect.  I thought you were saying Zwift wasn’t able to control it, my mistake. :slight_smile: