KICKR Smart connection stopped working

Since the last software update a couple of days ago, and another this morning, the KICKR (2nd gen) has stopped being a controllable trainer, and now only submits the power data.

I’ve checked the KICKR firmware and this is up to date, did an update anyway to eliminate any glitches here but still the same.

KICKR is showing up in the devices list when pairing, and shows as a power meter (with watts showing), and shows in the controllable devices list but no power shows.

Cliff, sorry to hear about the trouble. We tested Macs + KICKR over bluetooth recently and it seemed to work fine, so I wonder if we could have your log files sent in in a support ticket so we can see if there’s anything interesting going on in there.

Also, can you check and make sure the trainer effect slider was still where you expect in the settings screen?

Same thing here - Kickr no longer changes resistance.  I have it paired/controlled through bluetooth on my iPad.  How do I generate log files, if that is something you need to see?  Also, the slider seems to be in the same place as before.



I have the same problem

After last update of the application Zwift in my ipad Pro, the ERG function and average power have stopped working. Attached image of the training where you can see that the ERG function is not working despite being selected. I have Wahoo KICKR with Firmware V3.3.53 which is the latest version. Additionally the Power Display function does not differentiate between 3sec avg and Intstant, a situation that did not happen in the previous version of Zwift, since when selecting 3sec, the system shows a very unstable power, which is not normal.