Kickr lag resistance from downhill to uphill?

(Pierre Maalouf) #1

Hi Everyone,

First I been searching for two days for a topic I saw before but can’t find it anymore even with search…

Maybe it’s just my lack of experience in riding or the fact I’m on the heavy side but at a point on the map near the 7 or 8km points there is quick downhill that turn into a quick uphill. I get the feeling that the kickr has low resistance going down fast and then the elevation jumps say to 3% 4% 5% and I’m still pedaling quick then near the top of this said hill suddenly the resistance just kicks in hardcore.

Is this supposed to feel this way? Is this related to lag or a bug?

On real road im used to just doing small short hills and I’m still new to road biking (4 months now).

Also in case people ask:

  • I don’t play with resistance in the wahoo app

  • I do shift gears on my bike as I ride the island

Any info would be appreciated.


(John Scott) #2

Yes. I notice it too. it seems to me there is a lag from when you visually hit the “hill” in zwift and actually feel the resistance. Would be cool if it synced better but I’ve just learned to deal with it.

(Jason K) #3

This is an issue we’re aware of and working on. Stay tuned for improvements!

(anon18154799) #4

Pierre, like Jason said, it’s a known issue. I will say that it seems to have gotten better over the past few months, though. I like to think that I am just riding too fast for the computer to keep up. 

(Jeff Ball) #5

not sure what computer you are using, but in my case, I saw the Kickr lag close a bit when I went with the Alienware Alpha system.  I have a suspicion that the CPU can deal better with the communication better than my old MacBook could. Just a hunch.  

(Michael Henasey) #6

Any update on this team Zwift?

I was riding WWR w/Ted King & Scottie Weiss last night and I was noticing that the group seemed to be switching from the seated to the standing position earlier than my avatar was in the Esses section.

The KICKR resistance lag during these abrupt grade changes is at least 1-3 seconds behind what you see visually and what you expect to feel.

I’ve recently gone from a MBP to a full gaming system and have not noticed any difference in the amount of lag. It’s the same.


(Kristoffer Solem) #7



Do you have any news on this? it’s really a problem when doing group rides…