Kickr Climb Reliability

@Tom_Heaton oh, well - it was worth a shot! I don’t use ANT+ so unfortunately I can’t help you with that. I hope you’re able to get it sorted out!

Mine lasted about 10 rides before it stopped going up 90% of the time, even unloaded trying to operate it manually. So you just got to ride angled to the floor for a long time after any down hill. The few times it would raise It would jump upwards to 8% even if zwift was telling it you were now going down hill at -4%.
Only lasting those few short rides. Not worth it.
And Wahoo’s support, not great. Had an issue when I bought it that I couldn’t input my wheel base (I have a short bike, so if it raises to the same height my angle would be steeper) Wahoo didn’t even adddress my question just wanted me to delete everything from my registration on their app then try reconfiging from the start. Didn’t work, wasn’t going to, just a waste of time to close a ticket.

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My Kickr Climb brocke (snapped belt) after appr. 3 years, 7000km. Tried to repair but it is not build for easy maintenance. After disassembly I found couple of engineering design flaws explaining the bad reliability. I will try the Elite Riser now.

I am hoping Wahoo will come up with Climb v2.0 at some point, but I guess the market is too weak for peripheral new products… I bought a Riser, tested for a week and returned it. The engineering of the riser is far superior to the Climb, but sadly, I never was able to make it work like the Climb with my Kickr, and Elite customer service is awful (24 hrs. delayed emails), so let us know how it goes with yours.

Fully agree. Will report if the elite riser works in combination with my wahoo kickr V5. Actually also dont like use of different brands in combination but dont want do spent money again on a new climb…

Quick update. Elite riser works perfect with kickr v5. Very impressed with the quality and runs smoother than the climb. I think it is important to install latest software and change setting in elite riser app to zwift mode and calibrate the zero offset. Hope now for good reliability.

I thought I’d share my displeasure of the quality of the Kickr Climb. I am now onto my FOURTH unit in less than 3 months! 1st one the computer died on me. The 2nd & 3rd had the same issue. Both of these units had belt issues. The units make a knocking/clicking sound and then no longer raise. I am 5’11" and weigh 200lbs. The suggested weight maximum is 250lbs. At first, I thought it was me but after doing research there are WAY TOO MANY customers that are having the same problem. As mentioned by other users, this unit is way to expensive to only get a few months of usage. With that being said Wahoo CS has replaced each unit with very little difficulty. In conclusion, the Climb is an accessory of potential. It is awesome when it works but the reliability is NOT THERE! They definitely need a V2 for the Climb.

I have recently purchased a Rizer after hearing of so many Climb belt failures. The Rizer works well with my V3 Kickr, all mounted on an Omniboard rocker plate. Fantastic riding experience, I’m very happy :grinning:

I bought a CLIMB in late 2019 and have used it intermittently ever since. About 2 months ago it failed. First it would stop responding to grade changes or jerk up and down randomly, then it ultimately went all the way down and nothing could get it to go up, manual or Zwift. You could hear the motor hum but no movement. I took it apart and there is a $2 rotary encoder (potentiometer) on the logic board that had failed. You can easily test these with a cheap multimeter (ohm meter). I replaced the encoder on the logic board and it’s fixed, it works as well now as when new.

Here’s a couple pictures. the little white thing in the upper right corner on the logic board is the encoder. The second picture has all the mouser part numbers one would need to order. Again, it’s a $2 part but the shipping was high, next time I’d buy 2.

The replacement is on the more difficult end of the DIY spectrum, but really the most difficult part was figuring out how the black plastic dust sliders went back in.


Awesome that you were able to figure it out, but I guess 99.99% of users won’t want to go to that level of repair. Wahoo is selling a “lemon” product right off the bat. They should come up with Climb v2 to fix its reliability issues. If the climb would be a mass production item like cars, they would have been sued 100x already!

Mine slipped several times tonight. Sounded liked plastic gears slipping. The unit now goes to max slope when I set it to flat. If it’s stuffed, I got 8191kms out of it.