Kickr Climb in Workouts

(Bram Havers) #21

+1 Great suggestion @Chip_Brunk


(Paul Temple) #22

I can see both sides of the argument and so I think they should introduce the option to enable a Climb Elevation override.

For the data purists out there you can leave it off if you feel like “it doesn’t make sense” but there are a lot of us who spent $600 on something we want to go up and down when we are stuck indoors on a virtual course, but we also want regimented workouts.

Personally, I don’t care if the output watts doesn’t exactly match the elevation angle as long as the Climb is matching the course elevation profile. It is very disappointing that if I decide to use a structured workout my Climb just becomes something to hold up the front of my bike.


(Steve Holmes) #23

Paul, your comments reflect mine 100%. The climb is such an investment, but is rendered useless without this function in workout mode. Hear hear!!


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(Glen Coutts, Ko S) #24

Yep. Plus one on that for me too. One of the things I really disliked about workouts in Zwift is that the gradient was not relevant in workout mode. Would like to see that implemented making the Climb a much more useful training tool.

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(B Bike) #25

Is anyone keeping the Kickr Climb now that they’ve learned it’s missing this feature in workout mode?

I recently purchased it as a Christmas gift for the wife but we’re seriously considering returning it. As others said, without the workout feature plus actual movement from the climb it seems like one expensive front wheel that will never see a road, why bother with it?


(Daniel Guerra) #26

I just bought the CLIMB thinking that this would function with workouts. I have to say I am very disappointed in learning about this not working


(Andy Garrison) #27

Have the 2018 Kickr and CLIMB. Happy in free ride/event modes and haven’t tried in workout mode.

I do find it’s delayed a bit (sometimes 10 seconds or more. I figure this is on Wahoo’s side, but do wish it’d work better. Feel like Zwift and Wahoo should be much better coordinated since so much of their sales are linked together…


(Eric) #28

I just bought the kickr climb last week! It is a big disappointment that it doesn’t work in workout mode! Just sent the % of the slope to the kickr climb so that it works even if in erg mode. It will make workouts much better since its targeting different muscle group and relieving butt pressure point! I did the 100 miles achievement with the kickr climb and it was much easier because of the varying pressure point and it makes hill’s much easier too.


(John) #29

I agree with so the other comments here. I think having the gradient info while in erg mode is a must. I was pretty disappointed when I brought the Kickr Climb home and it wouldn’t work in erg mode. I probably would not have bought it, if I had known this. I won’t recommend it to anyone else in my Kickr and bike groups until this Zwift and/or Wahoo resolve this issue.


(Gerrie) #30

I think this is a Wahoo issue, the climb connect to the Kicker not Zwift.


(Marco) #31

Any Updates for this ? I cannot understand why this i such a huge Problem to work in ERG Mode ?
Cheers Marco


(Gerrie) #32

Did you contact Wahoo?


( -) #33

Maybe this is the reason why the climb have a remote control…but just maybe :wink:


(John) #34

Gerrie Delport. Are you saying the gradient info is being sent to the Kickr, and it’s not sending this data to the Climb? Why would the Kickr strip this code in erg mode, but not in free ride mode?


(Gerrie) #35

Because that is how Wahoo programmed the kicker and climb? Zwift does not know if you have a kickr climb or not, there is no way for you to pair the climb to Zwift, it only pair to the kickr .


(Brian) #36

This needs to happen, I’ll buy the climb if this is implemented.


(Fred) #37

I just got the climb myself. Did my first training ride with it and no movement. I kept stopping to fiddle with it, re-paired it a couple of times and so on. Finally got tired of messing with it and finished my training ride. Well, it was on a steep climb and as soon as I dismissed my ride report, the climb shot up and I was not expecting it. This really needs to be working in training mode. Zwift reports the grade in the software, it should just be passed to the climb in real %, not based on trainer difficulty. I can’t believe that it does not do this. The outside of the box even indicates that it can work in structured workout mode. And no, the remote is not useful for that. There is no indication of the actual inclination you are on with that method. Also, i’m training. I don’t want to have to mess with it to get the right angle of the current hill even if there was an LCD available.


(Gerrie) #38

Welcome Fred:

As I posted above, you need to contact Wahoo for this. You only pair your trainer to Zwift then the trainer send commands to your Climb, so the climb only do what the kickr tells it to do. I will have to check but I don’t think the ANT+ FE-c profile send %grade in ERG mode.


(donny) #39

erg mode completely ignores grade of the road, as it sticks to the wattage given by the workout. workouts don’t take the road you’re riding on into consideration at all, so there’s no way for the kickr to even know you’re on a hill during an erg workout.

it’s not that complicated, not sure how it’s so hard for people to understand. i use my climb for free rides where i would expect to feel the hill i’m going up.

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(Jim) #40


Do you expect your bike to ignore incline/declines from hills during outdoor, real world workouts?

Zwift is modeling real world cycling. So why not follow the contour of the road?