Kickr Climb in Workouts

Even if Zwift is modeling IRL cycling, they still have to use the communication protocol for smart trainers. And i don’t think the protocol has the option to send grade and watts (ERG) in ERG mode.

Traditional ERG mode is falling short then. Obviously the Climb is able to get grade data stream from Zwift via Kickr, and watts are always there.

They all need to put it together, as in move the industry forward.

Yes you should tell that to Wahoo.

Adding the option to input incline (gradient) while creating a custom structured workout. You can already add target power, and cadence why not gradient as well. That way we can create our own “course”. A perfect use case for this would be when riding a Best Bike Split course for a specific race, having gradient info would make it even more realistic.
I believe someone suggested it before.

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I used my Climb for the first time yesterday and loved it. I was free-riding the Alpe. I just came across this thread and have to say I’m disappointed to see it won’t function in workout mode. I get the reason why, but the idea that it should be that way doesn’t fly. There’s no reason the Climb shouldn’t lift me up just because I’m going faster or slower based on the power I’m doing in the workout. It does it when I’m not in a workout. The response from Wahoo above was kind of ridiculous in that sense (it would be like climbing at 55kg - no it wouldn’t, it would be like climbing at a speed based on your weight and power with the Climb reflecting the gradient).

Guess I’m off to tell Wahoo that…

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Yeah sounds a bit crap though. Sufferfest does ERG workouts that have gradient changes transmitted to the CLIMB. It’s the reason I jump between Zwift and Suff. If you really want to use the CLIMB on an ERG workout mode - just go suff

Sufferfest does ERG workouts that have gradient changes transmitted to the CLIMB. It’s the reason I jump between Zwift and Suff. If you really want to use the CLIMB on an ERG workout mode - just go sufferfest

To Jon & Developers

I know this has been mentioned before but please can you consider implementing a way of Zwift sending terrain information to the Kickr during workout/Erg mode??

The Climb is such an important part of an immersive Zwift experience, whether in sim or erg mode. If I’m starting one of your training plans running for as long as 12 weeks I want to be able to have the Climb working.

The point is here - it doesn’t matter what power you are producing, the speed in which you climb or descent is relative to what you are producing so I don’t see why this cannot be implemented??

Might Jon be able to chime in?

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Probably because Zwift is not controlling the Climb, your Kickr are sending info to the climb. You should contact Wahoo.

This has already been hashed out. Zwift is not sending gradient data when in erg mode. Other apps do though. So, this is still on Zwift.

Quoting DC Rainmaker review site…
“This is actually totally on Zwift. Wahoo already allows this (in fact, some apps are using it today in ERG mode). It’s just a case of Zwift implementing the code that’s been there for about a year now.”

I stand corrected.

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Does this mean Zwift will look into it?

I don’t know. Probably somewhere on the to list. They strive to give us the best product possible and if this is one of those things they will probably put it on the to do list. But I can imagine it is a small percentage of users that us the climb and even a smaller percentage that want to use it during workouts.

I purchased the Climb and be very disappointed that it does not work in Erg Mode.
Hey Zwift, thAt should not be difficult to implement. For the premium cost, which I’m willing to pay, I expect these nobrainer functionality.


I would like this, too. There is a painful mental disconnect when my brain expects the bike to tilt up or down, but remains steady. I have done enough work outs now where it is becoming less jarring, but it stinks.


Hello Zwift team,
I love my climb and I want to use it in workouts.
More than one year since this topic started here. Nothing changed. Looks like you don’t care to make it work or even comment on the issue.

I’m heading over to The Sufferfest

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New Zwifter here, I came across this thread because I thought I had something not setup correctly when my workout didn’t change my climb angle for Kickr Climb. I get that the erg mode is to hold Watts but I would till love the feeling of the hills in my workouts and expected that as part of my training plan. If I don’t want hills then I should just choose a flat course or and option to turn this off. I feel like I am only getting the value out of half of what I bought. It sounds like I am not alone.

Also wish you would work on the avatars and bikes to include Physically Challenged athletes or just in general be more inclusive. I am an amputee so to be able to have my avatar reflect that would be great, basically like options for above or below knee, arms, right/left both. As well as an option for my friends who are in hand cycles and would want to train at home.

I too would love this. I could understand the lack of change 2 years ago, but I think we’re to the point where we’ll start seeing more and more people with the Kickr Climb. I’ve been waiting until halfway through a workout to manually begin changing the gradient on the Climb. It does have some motivational boost if I wait halfway, but just last night again while doing that I thought, “why can’t this do this on it’s own.” I’ve heard the reasons why it can’t, but I would be extremely appreciative of zwift just making it happen.