Kickr Bike & Trainer resistance is non responsive in free ride [August 2021] [1.16.0]

Not sure if this helps - but after reading your update I jumped on to test my atom v1 / atv connection, but mine is working fine post upgrade (humble brag :wink:) so it’s not an issue on all devices.
There’s still loads of erg quirks that weren’t about last year but have been added incrementally through the last year by zwift…

Hi Shane,

Do you have a normal Mac desktop computer with Zwift?

I’m thinking to move my Mac Pro desktop to the pain cave, connect it to the TV by HDMI and the Garmin ant+ stick to connect it. I know it runs Zwift well but I’d like to avoid weightlifting training by moving that if possible.

I might try taking the power cable out of Apple TV just to force a full restart although I do that anyway. (Force quit on Zwift when done).

This is what I had yesterday trying to ride with Amelia and Mike Mottram on Dust in the Wind course. Going out of jungle in 2/8 gear on Kickr Bike and spinning like mad. I gave up after 43km because it was so annoying. I’m on Kickr Bike and Apple TV. However my resistance was gone straight away.

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Only MacBook Pro machines. Not something I use Zwift on as I have a PC with an RTX 2060 that runs Zwift much better.

Apple TV, Kickr V5, trainer resistance completely out of sync with Zwift after 1.16 update. A complete reboot made no difference to the next ride either. Might have to switch back to RGT for the weekend!


I tried iPad version of Zwift - it was all normal on that.

Think I’ve recreated it. Having thought it had been fixed for my first ride today because the resistance was back as before I then saved the ride back to the main Zwift page back into another ride and the resistance was gone again. If I restart AppleTV then the resistance is back to normal until I then repeat the above and go out and back into another ride without leaving Zwift. Hope that makes sense.

Wouldn’t normally take these steps but just route badge hunting (also recovering from achilles rupture so keeping the legs spinning to keep up fitness and keeps me focussed!) so not sure if this characteristic has been introduced with the new update or not - could be coincidence.

Interesting to know if anyone else can recreate this sequence.

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I don’t know if this needs to be split our into it’s own thread for the Atom away from the Kickr issue.

I’ve got to jump on later so will test what you experienced.

Though yesterday, I warmed up in Makuri then raced in Crit City and had the expected experience throughout with resistance.

Maybe but could be AppleTV related rather than Atom? Did you come out of the ride to the main menu or did Zwift take to you to your race? Let us know how you get on. I can live with this knowing how to get around it and generally don’t do more than one ride in any given session.

Having the same issue with a kickr core on the older firmware, Apple TV 4K. No resistance in sim mode while doing a meet up.

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Same problem for me flat resistance but on elite novo using apple tv 2021

I’ve just done another 2 rides on my kickr17/atv set up and had a problem on the 2nd.

1st ride was a freeride badge hunt in Japan, 3 laps of the new flatland loop. Only a couple of rolling lumps and part of a kom and things were ok

Logged out as I had a few mins to wait before ride 2 which was a maap stage 1 catch up group ride, admittedly it was the short flat course in the desert with few rises, but the 2 significant rises I could stay at the same cadence and power from top to bottom with barely a change in HR. It was like a completely flat time trial.

Spin down calibration on Zwift was successfully done after 10 mins of riding ahead of the first ride.

Are Zwift aware of this behaviour or do we all have to log a ticket?

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Your experience sounds just like mine, I’ll try turning atv off next time I ride.

I have the same issue on Apple TV. I will try it on iPhone app just to check. But 2 days no rides it’s broken

Apple TV does indeed appear to be broken. ERG doesn’t work anymore on structured workouts and in SIM mode the gradients appear to make no difference to the effort required. Setup:

Apple TV HD (new version)
Kickr Bike


Has a bug been logged to resolve this and is it in the sprint for the next update?

It didn’t happen before the update and no other changes were made on my Apple TV setup. No other apps, no other updates.

I use Apple TV only for Zwift.


I’ve emailed support about the issue. Not sure that I’m entirely optimistic about the level of responsiveness I’ll get though.

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Yeah, same issues for me.

ATV 4k
Wahoo KICKR Core fw 1.1 ( it’s hopeless with latest fw)

Lost BT to Apple TV during Zwift Academy Orientation ride. Spinning out :pensive:

Tried again, this time as a workout. Same thing happened.

Turned trainer off. Restarted ATV. Turned power off to ATV, then powered back on, turned KICKR back on.

It worked fine on a 45 minute ride with the D Diesel pace partner after those steps.

But surely I shouldn’t have to be doing this for every Zwift session? Or should I accept this with Zwift?

It just seems like Zwift has regressed to a big Beta platform where the aim of Zwift is to see how much cash and loyalty they can get from customers without providing an acceptable experience. Getting very frustrated with this now :rage:


Kickr Bike, no resistance, climbing not working since last update very frustrating when trying train


I had the same issue first time in the bacon roll on the 19th. Has been a consistent problem since and have reset and calibrated repeatedly both on trainer and game with limited success. Using Kickr Core with Apple TV 4K 2020.